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With mainframe penetration testing we help you to quickly identify risks that exist in your mainframe systems – so you can plan the right actions to close gaps, strengthen defences, protect critical operations and meet regulatory requirements. We make this essential testing easy.

Understand the risks: mainframe penetration testing is a must-have. Even the smallest vulnerabilities can enable a basic user to access resources and data, leading to the potential for serious breaches – and all the financial impacts, regulatory compliance and reputational damage that can follow.

Mainframe infrastructure vulnerabilities result from failings in hardware configuration, system configuration parameters, and security system controls. Software vulnerabilities arise from poor design and coding standards in the z/OS operating system, ISV products and in-house coding.

  • We almost always find a way in, without harming your systems or compromising your security stance in any way.
  • Initial findings are shared immediately, including onsite, enabling fast action if serious.
  • A detailed Pen Test Report is issued within 10 working days.
  • We can also demonstrate exploits discovered.
  • A checklist covers recommended remediation activities.
  • If required, we can brief your team and/or ISVs in person on the vulnerabilities identified.

Vertali’s two-stage pen testing process

  1. Non Disruptive Data Collection – our security consultants gather various datasets, configuration and security Information.
  2. Penetration Testing – we probe all aspects of your environment intensively to identify the ways of elevating privileges.

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