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Expertise in Mainframe Software Migrations

We provide industry-leading advice and practical support for mainframe software migrations and upgrades, including V2V and ISV software swap out, storage and data centre, helping you de-risk and accelerate the transition. Our experts help you to contain and reduce costs and minimize risk during periods of essential change. We can help you to ensure your software portfolios are up to date, fit for purpose, and optimized to deliver value.

Vendor Product Swap Out/Migration

Our approach streamlines, automates and de-risks multiple aspects of the migration process:

  • ESM Security Migrations
  • Database Tooling and Utilities
  • Monitoring and Automation
  • Storage and Data Migrations: Tape and DASD
  • JES3 to JES2 migrations

Our end-to-end migration and upgrade process includes:

  • Conversion Questionnaire for indications of time scale, risk, costs, resources
  • Technical Review – detail to firm up the initial indicators
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Security Management
  • Physical Migration: Initiation; Conversion; Testing; Go Live
  • Migration Tools and Utilities
  • Technical Programming
  • Training and Workshops
  • Post-implementation Support

Version to Version Upgrades: planning and upgrading IBM and ISV software – z/OS, CICS, Db2, MQ, Automation Tools, Scheduling Tools, alongside tools for CA, BMC, Compuware, ASG, etc.

Click here for more information on our JES3 to JES2 Conversion Service.


Vendor Consolidation: if requested, we can undertake the planning and replacement of software vendor portfolios. Please contact us for details.

Mainframe Storage Migration: our experts can assist in vendor selection, planning, execution and implementation, post implementation support, and exploiting new storage technology.

  • Disk to Disk Migrations.
  • Tape or Virtual Tape Migrations.

Mainframe Hardware Migration: Vertali clients call upon our expertise in vendor selection, planning, research, execution and implementation, post implementation support, and exploitation of the hardware technology.

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